Cotton Swabs For Cosmetic Purposes 100Ct | Double Tipped Cotton Buds Strong Toughness Handle | 100% Natural Cotton Swabs White


Cotton Swabs for Cosmetic Purposes 100Ct, Double Tipped Cotton Buds Strong Toughness HandleThese Cotton swabs hold solvent well and are great for dry absorption of residues. So that they work well for makeup mishaps or makeup application:1. Very absorbent and doesn’t lose its shape, For defining your brow shape, using liquid makeup remover to clean up your brow powder.2. You can also use them dry for smudging my eyeliner to create a smoky eye and for cleaning up any mascara smudges. Product DetailsProduct Name: 100PCS Cosmetic Cotton SwabsQuantity: 100 CTColors: WhiteMain Ingredients: Paper stick, cottonUses: For makeup, cleaning of ears, nose, navel, etcStorage Method: Store in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlightWarm Tips:Pull the cotton tip lightly before use to confirm that there is no looseness before use.Please do not stick the cotton swab deep into the ear or nose to avoid damage. Please do not let children use this product alone.